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Gas price hike not affecting GDP

(SGI) - The sharp increase in gas prices recently will surely affect the speed of economic recovery and increase prices of goods. However, this is not the time to intervene and regulate the domestic petroleum market through tax exemption or reduction. 
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Urban spaces need restructuring post-Covid

(SGI) - During the ongoing threat of the Covid-19 pandemic, the most vulnerable places are all the big cities, where millions of people are jostling in tight spaces and constantly facing the threat of infection from the disease. 
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Businesses want autonomy in fight against pandemic

(ĐTTCO)-The sincerest expectation of businesses when the economy is finally allowed to reopen again is to be given the right to autonomy and self-reliance, whereby businesses will be fully responsible for further prevention of the pandemic as well as run their own business operations. 
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Vietnam facing trade deficit in cashew exports

(SGI) - Cashew cultivation in Cambodia covers more than 500,000 hectares in ten of its provinces. During the first eight months of 2021, Cambodia exported 869,540 tons of cashew to Vietnam, accounting for 99.2% of the country's total cashew exports. 
Craving something textured and aromatic? An Com’s green papaya salad, paired with sparkling Awaibuki sake from Tomita Shuzo, could be the answer. | ROBBIE SWINNERTON

An Com: Modern Vietnamese meets modern sake

The equinox is past, and the evenings are already drawing in. So isn’t it a bit late in the year to go searching for the light, aromatic foods that nourish us best through the summer months? Not if you’re craving the green papaya salad at An Com.
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Investors witness bullish wave on speculative stocks

(SGI) - The stock market in Vietnam is currently undergoing a rather strange phase. The VN Index has struggled to recover since reaching historic peak in early July 2021, but so far has been unsuccessful. 
Nguyễn Bích Lâm, former General Director of General Statistics Office

Việt Nam needs to build a better system to attract talent

High-quality human resources are an important factor in economic development and Việt Nam urgently needs a strategy to develop a more qualified workforce. Dr Nguyễn Bích Lâm, former General Director of General Statistics Office, talks to the Vietnam News Agency about this matter.