Over 10,800 Hanoi students exempted from foreign language graduation test

(Saigon Investment) - More than 113,600 students have registered for high school graduation exams and college admissions in Hanoi, up 22,000 year-on-year.

 Among which, over 10,800 are exempted from tests for foreign languages, doubled the number compared to 2020.
These students are either participants in the 2021 International Linguistics Olympiad or have earned appropriate certificates according to guidelines by the Ministry of Education and Training.
Exempted students are marked 10/10 in the foreign language tests for high school graduation.
The 2021 high school graduation exam takes place on May 07 and 08 with 5 tests for each category, namely Maths, Literature, Foreign Language, and two selective subjects.
All tests are multiple choice except for Literature.

By staff writers - Translated by Thao Nhien

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