Huge difference in chartered capital of banks

At the end of April 2019, the total assets and total chartered capital of banking and credit institutions stood at VND 11,214,000bn and VND 582,000bn, respectively. In which the state-owned banks constituted 44% and 25.6% of the total assets and total chartered capital of the system, while these numbers in commercial banks were 41.3% and 46.2%, respectively. However, looking deeply into the data, we see a big difference in assets and capital among banks.

SCB is the joint stock commercial bank with the largest total assets, only after 4 state-owned commercial banks.

SCB is the joint stock commercial bank with the largest total assets, only after 4 state-owned commercial banks.

Huge difference in capital of banks

Based on the chartered capital of banks, we have four groups.

The first group is the banks which have capital of above VND 30,000bn. This group is usually called the VND 30,000bn club. This club has five members, including 4 state owned banks (Vietinbank, Vietcombank, BIDV and Agribank) and one commercial bank (Techcombank). The leader of this club, which is also the leader of the banking system, is Vietinbank with chartered capital of VND 37,400bn while chartered capital of Techcombank is VND 35,000bn.

The second group is banks with chartered capital between VND 10,000-20,000bn, including VPBank (VND 25,300bn), Military Bank, Sacombank, SCB, Eximbank, SHB, MSB and ACB.

The third group is the biggest group which includes banks with chartered capital from VND 3,000bn to VND 10,000bn which are HDBank, PVCombank, TPBank, SeaBank, VIB, OCB, LienViet Post Bank, Bac A Bank, ABBank, Vietbank, Dong A Bank, Ocean Bank.

The last group is banks which have chartered capital around VND 3,000bn, that includes Bao Viet Bank, VietCapital Bank, GPBank, Nam A Bank, Kien Long Bank, PGBank, NCB, Saigonbank, Viet A Bank. VietCapital Bank is the bank which has the lowest chartered capital (VND 3,000bn) in the banking system right now.

State owned banks have highest assets

The four banks which have total assets of above VND 1,000 trillion are four state owned banks, in which BIDV is the biggest bank with assets of VND 1,283,000bn.

SCB and Sacombank are two leading banks in the group of commercial banks with assets of VND 498,000bn and 406,000bn, respectively.

There are six banks which have assets of above VND 200,000bn, they are Military Bank, SHB, VPBank, Techcombank, ACB and HDB.

Several banks with assets below VND 200,000bn include Eximbank, TPBank, SEABank, VIB, PVCombank, MSB, OCB. Ranking at the bottom of the list is Saigonbank with assets of VND 20,000bn.

The above data shows that although the total assets of state owned banks is high but the chartered capital of this group is quite low. The CAR ratio of this group (CAR is ratio between equity and total risk assets) is going to fall to the regulated minimum level. At the end of April 2019, the CAR ratio of the group of state owned banks was 9.61% while this ratio of commercial banks was 11.1%.

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